A Reliable Sidewalk Contractor in Your Area

Do you plans to add a sidewalk on your property? Or are you looking for a contractor who does sidewalk violation removal? Then, let us at Citywide General Construction be part of your sidewalk projects in Bronx, NY. Since 2003, we have constructed and fixed residential and commercial sidewalks. We do so with reliable, seamless quality. Here are some sidewalk contractor services we offer in detail:


  • New Sidewalk Construction – You can count on us to build new sidewalks for your property roads and driveways. We first inspect and measure the project site for precise plans. This is so we can use the right amount of concrete and other materials for it. Also, expect us to bring heavy-duty tools and machinery for efficient sidewalk construction.

  • Sidewalk Inspection and Violation Removal – Do you want to remove that violation notice in your sidewalk? Then let us handle such issue for you. You can hire us to inspect your sidewalk to determine the cause/s behind the violation. We can resolve problems such as poor design, damages, and more.

  • Sidewalk Repairs – We can also perform repair work for damaged sidewalks across the city. As we would for our construction projects, we carry top-grade equipment and products for the task. We make sure to bring the right materials to match the sidewalk. With our service experience, we assure flawless repair service.

  • Scheduled Sidewalk Maintenance – You can also hire us for regular sidewalk maintenance. We always use high-quality cleaning products proven in the market. We do such work in a scrupulous manner for complete cleanliness. Thus, we can be a convenient solution for cleaning your sidewalk.

Citywide General Construction is the sidewalk contractor you can rely on for your projects in Bronx, NY. You can also hire us for concrete, masonry, and other construction services. We have the license and insurance for professional work quality. We can build for residential and commercial clients. Feel free to call us today at (718) 504-7123 for sidewalk service schedules and inquiries.

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