A Reliable Roofer for Your Roofing Projects

Are you looking for a reliable roofer to build a roof for your new home or building in Bronx, NY? If so, you should hire us at Citywide General Construction for your roofing projects. We have built, fixed, and maintained roofs throughout the city for many years. Listed below are some benefits when using our roofing services:

Roofing Experience


We have more than 10 years of experience installing and repairing roofs. Such length of time has helped us develop cost-effective roofing solutions, and we still continue to do so with new roofing innovations. When you hire us, you can depend on our experienced skill for your roofing needs.


Professional License

We carry the proper licenses and credentials to undertake professional roofing services, this is a testament to our professionalism and adherence to the industry standards. We also follow local building codes to ensure no issues arise throughout the service. These things ensure a proper roofing service with long-lasting results.

High-Quality Products


Besides professional expertise, we also use the best roofing products on the market. Whether a new installation or roofing repair, we always use high-quality materials. You can also expect us to use professional-grade equipment for such tasks. Thus, you can count on us for quality roofing results attaining to enhancing your property and the lifespan of your roof.


Safety Measures

Another benefit you can get from us is complete work safety. Accidents, while rare, can happen during roofing work. So, we always take all the necessary precautions throughout the service. Expect us to clear any debris, wear safety gear, and do other measures. Doing so can prevent service injuries and damage to your property.


Citywide General Construction is the roofer you can rely on in Bronx, NY for effective roofing repair and installation. We are also a concrete contractor that offers dependable services in the city. We always strive to provide remarkable roofing services for 100% client satisfaction. You can contact us right now at (718) 504-7123 for roofing schedules and other service inquiries.


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