What Is Sidewalk Violation Removal For?

Apart from standard concrete construction projects, concrete contractors have to take care of sidewalk violations too. City laws validate specific rules for the installation and maintenance of sidewalks. They have to comply with the existing codes about paving and re-paving the sidewalk surface, including the condition and the slope of the intersection quadrant and pedestrian ramps. What is sidewalk violation removal?
All commercial property and area owners are basically liable for any personal injuries caused to pedestrians due to the poor maintenance of the sidewalks on their property. So, when you hire a reputable concrete contractor, he will check for any law violations and do the right corrections if necessary. Property owners must keep their pedestrian area clean and safe, as well as remove ice and snow build up during the winter.

But what sidewalk defects are we talking about? The administrative city codes determine as sidewalk violations the following situations:

  • A collapsed sidewalk;

  • Trip hazards;

  • Hardware trip hazards;

  • Tree roots damaging the pedestrian area;

  • Improper slope;

  • Patchwork;

When the problems are caused by tree roots, as a property owner, your sidewalks can be repaired by the local Department of Parks and Recreation. They also offer free consultations for property owners deciding on the best methods to fix missing or defective curbs. And normally, repairing sidewalks damaged by trees is free of charge. Issues caused by other factors, such as poor installation, the lack of proper upkeep, and more are handled by the company that did the damage. For example, if the curb defects on your property are caused by a local utility company, you have the right to file a claim against them. Violations can be also caused by improper property management.


You can count on Citywide General Construction for adequate and timely sidewalk violation removal jobs with lasting results. If you live in Bronx, NY and need more information about our professional services, feel free to call us at (718) 504-7123 at any time. 

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